Emergency Fire Instructions

Fire Escape Plan

Please read the following and make sure you know these simple instructions. If there is anything you do not understand, please ASK!
In the event of an emergency such as a fire, remember to STOP – THINK – ACT
  1. Stay calm.
  2. Wake anyone who has fallen asleep! (Joke). No one sleeps during tuition, do they? Z Z Z…
  3. Only open doors that you need to escape through.
  4. If a door feels hot, DO NOT OPEN IT – that may be where the fire is.
  5. Leave the building quickly and calmly by the nearest and safest possible route, marked out on the floor plan on the wall. The footsteps on the plan show you the escape routes.
  1. Do not stop to pick up anything. Leave all your belongings and get out, making sure you do what the tutor or other adults present instruct.
  2. Make sure that someone has sounded the alarm, to warn anyone else who might be in the building.
  3. Once outside, telephone the Emergency Services from a mobile phone or a neighbour’s phone.
  4. If you cannot escape by route (A) because it is not safe to do so, i.e. because the fire is there, then follow instructions for route (B) or (C).
  5. If you are trapped inside the room, make sure that someone telephones the Emergency Services from the phone on the desk in front of the window. If you smell smoke, get down on the floor. Smoke rises so the lower you are, the better you will be able to breathe. Roll up the rug and place it against the bottom of the door to plug the smoke.
  1. If the window is the only way out, move away from it while an adult smashes the glass with a chair or another suitable strong, heavy object. It is best to hit the window at a bottom corner. Tear down the curtains or use towels to cover any jagged edges of the glass, while you climb out.
  2. Once outside, do not go back inside the building until the Fire Service say that it is safe to do so. Do not leave the area or go off with anyone. Make your way to one of the two designated collection points for a roll-call to make sure everyone has safely escaped and that nobody is missing. Stay there, do not leave the collection point, wait for instructions from the tutor. Your parents / guardians will be notified to come and collect you.
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