Lesson Replacement Policy

  1. No refunds will be given for missed lessons under any circumstances; the tutor’s time is booked by the term and lessons are diligently planned in advance. The place you are allocated on enrolment is your child’s place for the term. However, we do offer discretionary replacement lessons, usually if a child is absent due to sickness. We do replace lessons for reasons other than sickness, Christmas choir practise for example, but only if sufficient notice is given so that we can offer the missed lesson place to another child.
  2. Replacement lessons are not a right as part of your contract with us. Replacement lessons are offered at our discretion.
  3. If it becomes evident that your child is missing a significant number of lessons, replacement lessons will not be offered.
  4. Replacement lessons are offered if reasonable notice is given; it is assumed that you will know before the time of  your child’s lesson if he / she is unwell. If you only inform us of an absence just before or after, the lesson is due to start, a replacement will not be offered.
  5. We do not replace replacement lessons i.e. if your child misses a replacement lesson, this will not be replaced.
  6. Replacement lessons will not be given if you take your child on holiday during our term time. We serve many schools and sometimes school calendars differ, but our calendar is fixed and if your child’s school has different holidays to our calendar, you are still expected to bring your child for their lessons during our term time. Any lessons missed due to holidays will not be replaced.
  7. ­Summer holiday tuition is in high demand and therefore, we do not give replacements for lessons missed during the Summer holidays, neither will replacement lessons be given during the Summer holidays for lessons missed during term time, as space does not permit this.
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