Entrance Exams

Photograph of John Cashin primary school pupil with a book learning keystage 2 Maths or English Wise Words from Michelle Cashin

To parents of children who are taking the grammar school entrance exams this Autumn.

If you are a calm parent who never gets stressed, then you may ignore this. However, if you are an average, normal parent, then this is for you! Stay calm – easier said than done, of course. If you show signs of panic or stress (and a large number of parents do) your children will definitely pick up on this and it will have a detrimental effect on them. What we aim to achieve is a sensible balance between the children understanding the importance of doing their best (because competition is fierce) whilst not becoming overly anxious or overwhelmed. The emphasis should be on “doing their best” and on conveying a calm message to your children that, although you really want them to pass, nevertheless, their best is good enough for you. The day of the exam will inevitably be fraught. Forewarned is forearmed; the experience has been described as “like a rugby scrum” by some parents, with queuing down the street and coach loads of candidates from outside of the area. Unfortunately, it’s a case of gritting your teeth and remembering – “this too, will pass!” Sorry for all the clichés, but I can’t think of any better descriptions than these already coined...

In short, the children who dedicate some of their own leisure time to practice, and discipline themselves to work – at least 2 hours a day during the holidays, in addition to holiday tuition here, are the ones who will be less fazed by the experience. The phrase: “No Pain, No Gain” was invented by a wise person who no doubt experienced the sacrifice and the anguish required to achieve results – and the ensuing elation that success brings! John has a proven and very successful method of preparing the children for the exams, but your children must be prepared to work hard, outside of school and tuition, to get those results.

­Whatever stage or level a child is at in their education, there is always untapped potential, because they’re children! John Cashin Tuition is experienced in identifying these abilities in children, unlocking that potential and drawing it out.
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